Resources for Referees

Want to Become a Referee?
  1. Must be 13 years or older.

  2. Must complete online referee certification courses.

  3. Must complete in person referee certification clinic.

You can find information about registering for upcoming Referee Clinics held around the DFW area at the North Texas Soccer website.

Weatherford Soccer Association

will be hosting a

in-person referee clinic on

Sunday, August 15th.

Once you are grassroots certified, send us a an email at

We look forward to speaking with you!

How Much is a Referee Paid?
How to Register for an Upcoming "Event"

2. Click on "Referees/Assignors"

3. Log into your REFEREE Account or "REGISTER" as a referee IF you do not yet have a Referee Account, after completing your registration, log into your NEW Referee Account.

4. You are now into your referee account

5. Now click on 'EVENTS" tab and select the "Search Events" tab. in the box type "WSA Spring 2020" and click on "GO"

6. You should see the "WSA Spring 2020" event. Click on "REGISTER for Event"

7. Now click on the "ASSIGNORS" tab. Place a check mark next to my name "Rusty Martin" or "Weatherford Soccer Assn. WSA Spring 2020". I will be your Primary Referee Assignor.

8. Now go back to your CALENDAR page. I need you to select "UNAVAILABLE" in the box. It should read as follows: " Referee Status unavailable except where noted".

9. Now you can let me know what days and times you are willing to referee.

GREEN: dates and times you are AVAILABLE to referee

ORANGE: dates and times you  are NOT available to referee

NOTE: If I assign games to any referee and I get too may "rejections" of assigned games, I might not be willing to assign more games to that referee. I can understand EMERGENCIES, but not every weekend from the same referee.


Please plan your activities; it makes it VERY hard to replace a referee at the last minute. Thanks for your understanding!

Understanding Referee Signals