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Resources for Lil Roos

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Our Lil Roos U4 program is an eight (8) week program that requires parental participation during weekly practices.


Practices will be held once a week at Coach's convenience; approximately 30 minutes.


A weekly game will be held on a seperate day. Games are played 4v4 and consist of four 5-minute quarters. Coaches are allowed on the field with their teams during games. Parents should not be on fields during games.

Each Lil Roos Coach is provided with weekly practices drills to be covered at practices. The practice drills are meant to be covered quickly with parents working with their player to complete the drills. Some drills may be done as a group, but we encourage parents to help with drills as much as feasible.

We hope we designed a program to help keep our player’s short attention span while providing them with fun activities teaching them soccer basics.

Participating players receive -

  • size 3 ball

  • set of 5 cones

  • Lil Roos game t-shirt

  • player instruction booklet

  • medal at end of season

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