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  • YouthSports | Weatherford Soccer Association | United States

    ALL Game Schedules are Published Click here for Game Schedules Interested in a Soccer Tournament? Upcoming NTX Soccer Tournaments WSA are always looking for Referees. Interested? (look here) Next WSA Board Meeting - Monday, April 10 @ 6:30pm Cartwright Park WSA Concessions Stand Ready For Summer??? WSA Fall 2022 season Game Day Pictures (Below) 301126869_5080803068698390_9091434980498928592_n pic 2 Pic 1 301126869_5080803068698390_9091434980498928592_n 1/124 OUR SPONSORS

  • WSA BOARD | Weatherford Soccer

    WSA Board Executive Board Members President Leonard Styer Vice President Laurelle Hill Treasurer Cherie Long Secretary Brie Heimlich Coaching Director Vacant Board Members Courtney Bailey Blythe Bales Steven Barbee Ricky Hill Jason Callahan Ryan Kuhlmeier Mandy Rice Mariana Tunnell Christopher Pool Justin Wallace WSA Board Meeting Minutes January 2022 Minutes July 2022 minutes February 2022 Minutes August 2022 minutes March 2022 Minutes September 2022 minutes April 2022 Minutes October 2022 minutes No June '22 Meeting November 2022 Minutes 2022 NTX AGM Summary December 2022 Minutes January 2021 Minutes February 2021 Minutes July 2021 Minutes August 2021 Minutes March 2021 Minutes Missing Sept '21 minutes April 2021 Minutes October 2021 Minutes May 2021 Minutes November 2021 Mintues June 2021 Minutes No Dec '21 Meeting Are you interested in becoming a Board Member? First off, THANK YOU!! We are so happy you expressed interest! The Weatherford Soccer Board is made up of Mom’s and Dad’s who wanted to volunteer their time to help make improvements for not only their child(ren) but for all the other kiddos out here. Being a board member means devoting some of your very limited free time to make an impact on young children who may or may not have played soccer before. We are all here to help grow this love of soccer in every single child and build an organization that each and everyone of us can be proud of. Some of the duties a board member can be found doing is painting lines on the soccer fields, emptying trash cans, cleaning/restocking the restrooms, providing transportation to a field for a spectator, conducting registration, making connections with small businesses, and just simply being present at the fields on game days. Cartwright Park is owned by the city and they do the mowing once a week, but the association is responsible for the everyday upkeep of the fields and the buildings. The city requires that we have a board member present during games in the event an issue arises. ​ If you have the inkling to participate and be apart of something so great and beneficial to so many families, please email us with your contact information and we will be in touch with you. ( ) ​ “At the end of the day it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve accomplished…it’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better. It’s about what you’ve given back.” -Denzel Washington

  • BigFoot Ink WSA Store | Weatherford Soccer

    WSA Store Partnering with BigFoot Ink Purchase your WSA swag here

  • SUPPORT WSA | Weatherford Soccer

    Just a few businesses that support WSA! Consider donating to the WSA via Amazon! How to become a WSA Business Sponsor? See Sponsorship Levels below Questions contact us at Sponsorship Form

  • COACHES | Weatherford Soccer

    Resources for Coaches Team Information and Name Change Request Use the form above to provide WSA with updated Team information - Requesting Team name change, or - Adding an Assistant Coach to your Team roster. Coaching Scheduling Conflicts and Blackout Dates Request Use the form above to provide WSA with information on possible Scheduling conflicts - C oaches who coach more than one WSA team, or - Game day black out date requests Documents from Coaching Meetings Spring 2023 Coaching Presentation How to Print Coach Badge Age Specific Playing Rules Time Zone Change Instruction Helpful YouTube Channels for Soccer information WSA League Reps Concussion Information Parental Code Conduct & Medical Waiver Understanding Soccer Referee Signals Sit-Out Verification Form IMPORTANT -- Please don't block GotSport Emails. This is how we communicate with you. U.S. Soccer's Comprehensive Player Health and Safety Program Upcoming NTX Soccer Tournaments US Soccer Learning Center Applications for better Team Communication InstaTeam Challenger Coaching Center US Soccer Learning Center Online Resources for Coaches

  • SCHEDULES | Weatherford Soccer

    Schedules FWYSA Game Schedules U4 - U8 teams U9 and up traveling teams WSA Field Numbers

  • SUMMER CAMPS | Weatherford Soccer

    Summer Camps Weatherford Camp is July 17-21 Weatherford Camp is June 12-16 Camps - Game On Summer Camps Practice and Play Sessions Skills Improvement Classes

  • COACHES | Weatherford Soccer

    Coaching Registration Spring 2023 Season Registration is OPEN Coaching Registration (click here) Returning Head Coaches from Fall 2022 season get one FREE player registration -- 1st Register yourself as a coach for Spring 2023 season then email us at

  • LIL ROOS | Weatherford Soccer

    Resources for Lil Roos How does Lil Roos Work? Download Lil Roos Practices Our Lil Roos U4 program is an eight (8) week program that requires parental participation during weekly practices . Practices will be held once a week at Coach's convenience; approximately 30 minutes. A weekly game will be held on a seperate day. Games are played 4v4 and consist of four 5-minute quarters. Coaches are allowed on the field with their teams during games. Parents should not be on fields during games. ​ ​ Each Lil Roos Coach is provided with weekly practices drills to be covered at practices. The practice drills are meant to be covered quickly with parents working with their player to complete the drills. Some drills may be done as a group, but we encourage parents to help with drills as much as feasible. ​ We hope we designed a program to help keep our player’s short attention span while providing them with fun activities teaching them soccer basics. ​ Participating players receive - size 3 ball set of 5 cones Lil Roos game t-shirt player instruction booklet medal at end of season

  • REFEREES | Weatherford Soccer

    Referee Registration Interested in Refereeing for WSA this Spring 2023 Season? Referee Registration (click here) Should you have questions, please email us at

  • PLAYERS | Weatherford Soccer

    Player Registration Spring 2023 Season Player Registration is now CLOSED Need help knowing what age group your child is? (click below for larger view) IMPORTANT NOTE In order to register your child, you must have a birth certificate uploaded to your GotSport profile. You will not be allowed to pay if you do not have one uploaded to your account and if you do not pay, your child is not registered and will not be placed on a team. ​ The help desk button can assist you with doing this. Need help using GotSport GotSport Help Desk

  • RESOURCES | Weatherford Soccer

    Resources No Tolerance Policy WSA Bylaws Rules and Regulations WSA Age Specific Rules Spring 2022 Parental Code of Conduct Understanding Soccer Referee Signals Guest Player Release WSA Info Sheet

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